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More than 8 Million Americans have used Acupuncture – You can rest assured that you’re not alone in your desire to seek treatment using a very well respected form of healthcare.

• The NIH and World Health Organization have both given formal approval of certain uses of acupuncture. The World Health Organization lists over 90 conditions or diseases for which acupuncture has demonstrated a therapeutic effect during treatment.

• Growing numbers have sought out acupuncturists for chronic pain and health problems when conventional medicine either hasn’t worked nor has answers.

• Starting in 2007 guidelines issued by the American Pain Society and American College of Physicians suggest patients with chronic low back pain try acupuncture.

• Medical doctors refer their patients to acupuncturists more than any other “alternative” care provider
51% of medical doctors believe acupuncture to be efficacious and of value.

How safe is Acupuncture?
Where do the needles go?
How can I prepare for my session?
Are there any side effects to Acupuncture?
Does Acupuncture hurt?
How often do I have to come?
Can I receive Acupuncture if I am pregnant?

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