5 Health Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

July 5, 2022
5 Health Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for thousands of years to treat many different diseases and ailments. However, unlike what you may assume, Chinese herbal medicine can't simply be defined as using single herbs or single supplements. Instead, Chinese herbal medicine uses multi-herb combinations. 

In most cases, the multi-herb combination includes the "main" herb that targets the main complaint and "mini" herbs to target secondary complaints. It also includes "assistant" herbs that are meant to reduce side effects or to achieve the optimal effect. 

5 Health Benefits of Chinese Herbal Medicine

#1: Support And Boost Energy:

As we mentioned above, Chinese herbal medicine uses a combination of herbs to treat the main complaint and others that can derive from it. However, it can be used for more than this. Imagine that you have a specific ailment you want to treat but you also want to improve your digestion, sleep, and mood at the same time. The practitioner understands that if your digestion works properly, your body will absorb nutrients better and your bowel movements will be regulated. Besides, if your sleep is improved. your mood will automatically improve as well not to mention that your digestion will also get better. All this can result in a boost of energy. 

#2: Manage Stress:

One of the worst problems of our society is stress. People keep running from one place to the other leaving them with high-stress levels. Although this can be easily sorted, if the problem is only for one day or two, when it prolongs in time, it will start affecting your sleep, digestion, and mood. The good news is that Chinese herbal medicine can help you improve your sleep, digestion, and mood. This improvement will allow you to decrease your stress levels. 

#3: Help With Sleep Issues And Insomnia:

If you are dealing with insomnia or sleep issues like the inability to get to sleep, if you keep waking up during the night, or if you can't rest well during sleep, Chinese herbal medicine can help. 

According to this study, patients who received Chinese herbal medicine reported lower levels in the PSQI (Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index), AIS (Athens Insomnia Scale), and sleep onset latency (time from fully awake to fully asleep).

#4: Treat Skin Conditions:

More and more people develop skin conditions. While some blame genes, it's also important to keep in mind that the food we eat and the air that we breathe are no longer the same and can affect the skin. From the color to the itchiness, there are many symptoms that can show you that you have eczema. The good news is that Chinese herbal medicine can help treat skin conditions as a whole. 

#5: Improve Digestion:

Another major benefit of Chinese herbal medicine is related to digestion improvement. 

According to this study, the patients had significant improvement in bowel symptom scores. This was noted not only by patients but also by gastroenterologists.

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